by Nierika

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released December 15, 2003



all rights reserved


Nierika Moravskoslezský, Czech Republic

Nierika originated in 2001 as Tom Neuwerth and Michal Burget's studio project. For recording, the boys invited gradually Monika Lohrerová (voice), Vláďa Schwarz (MILANO) and Zbyněk Machetanz (LU) to play the guitars and the bass guitar. The project ended up as a regular band that began to play gigs within the Algidance project. At the end of 2003, PIPER RECORDS released their debut "Hydroponicum". ... more

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Track Name: Schwartzblack
Livin´ in the game
Everything´s the same
Walkers on the rope
Hide in the only hope

Is it real
What I feel ?
Breathing ash and dust
The future is killing the past

So dive into it
Awake the spirit
Only here we can dance
In spinin´ experience

Black and white
Day and night
What they say is : Play !
It´s just not my way
Track Name: Boogiestyle
Flowers kiss the sun
Everythin´ can flourish
The desert used to rule
Where now is the colour forest

Everything can be seen
Unique growing planet
Unique growing Word

The garden of the future
The flowers without soil
Where feet used to burn
Where water used to boil

I remember the planet
I remember the Word
I remember the future
The garden of the future
Track Name: Isabela
Black tongue in your mouth
I know what you shout
It can´t bring me back
Sorry I don´t need
The feelings of my breed
That fire makes no light
And you can´t change my mind

I feel now
I´m flying star
Sound of space
By my side

I never pray before
I never die so far.
Track Name: Melted
No eyes
No voice
It´s flesh - our choice
So far from here

No skin
No meat
No hearts to beat
Our joy from fear

Just melted moon
It´s comming soon
I´ve lost my mind

So nice
So sweet
We know it´s treat
Of strangest kind

All I know
I want to slow
To let it go
Where´s nothing that I know.
Track Name: Marijash
Who you are ?
Just knight in fight
What do you want
To leave blind ?
What do you do ?
What do you see ?
What you want
To say to me ?

Don´t be afraid
Just say anything
You don´t have to be right
And I don´t have to sing
Track Name: Yesternight
I woke up yesterday at night
And I felt like i could die
The leaves where falling down outside
Like the wings of the butterfly
Looking through the window
I was starring at the sky
And if you think that I´m crazy
You may shoot me to Mars

Such moments make me happy
Such moments make me smile
I was takin´the walk in heaven
For a tiny little while

Such moments make me happy
Such moments make me blue
I still can not believe
That I was kissing you

But when you said good morning
That everything was clear
Like the water in the river
Like the fire on the hill

The leaves where falling down outsider
Like the wings of the butterfly.